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Why Sitting Is the New Smoking // Interview with Dr. Claire Jessen

February 10, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 19
The Fit Feed by Reed
Why Sitting Is the New Smoking // Interview with Dr. Claire Jessen
Show Notes

Welcoming our first chiropractor onto the show was such a treat! Tune in to learn from Dr. Claire Jessen, as we dive into everything from juggling mom + work life to proactive wellness and how we can combat a sedentary lifestyle. For anyone who does a lot of sitting or wants to stay mobile + healthy for many years to come, you'll benefit from the tips shared in this episode!

Dr. Claire Jessen holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelors in Health Sciences along with numerous certifications and a depth of experience working with both individuals like you and me, along with professional athletes. She has a passion for movement - running, biking, CrossFit and yoga - and understands the power of holistic & whole body health in human performance. She strives to teach her patients the value of preventative health and  lifestyle medicine. Her mission is to identify the underlying cause in order to get people better as fast as possible. This means addressing  the spine, nervous system, muscular and fascial systems, and impacting change through diet and lifestyle.

3:07 Fun rapid fire questions
4:20 The strength coach who sparked Claire’s fascination with the human body
7:07 Global pandemic, marriage, new home, and having her first baby all while being a chiropractor - how Claire has juggled it all
9:50 Claire dives into her perinatal fitness journey, including how far into her pregnancy she was doing Crossfit
Resource recommendation:
12:59 As a wife, mother, and chiropractor, Claire has continued to prioritize her clients through it all - she shares how
15:05 Claire shares an incredible patient success story of diminishing chronic pain and guiding her patient to heavy weight lifting
18:05 Techniques for relieving pain
21:23 Claire’s unique hybrid approach that serves her active patients exceptionally well
25:58 Experiencing pain? Claire gives advice on where to start when it comes to finding the right chiropractor
29:22 Top advice for a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy, mobile body
33:08 Claire gives us her thoughts on the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”
39:32 Where to connect with Claire:
Instagram: @drclairejessen
Minnesota Movement website
Book an appointment with Claire
40:48 Claire’s tactics for creating a consistent bedtime + morning routine
Resource recommendation: The Circadian Code

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