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How to Optimize Your Mindset for Growth // Interview with Chloe Edwards

February 18, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 21
The Fit Feed by Reed
How to Optimize Your Mindset for Growth // Interview with Chloe Edwards
Show Notes

Ever find yourself getting caught up in your own headspace? That's all of us, right?! Join me for a special conversation with Chloe Edwards as we talk about optimizing your mindset - something she calls a "Pineapple Mindset."

Chloe Edwards is the CEO & Visionary at Pineapple Mindset, the first of its kind, self-empowering coaching for adoptees. A sought-after speaker and influencer, she has spoken around the world to youth and adults about her adoption journey. Helping others to see the beauty and gratitude in adoption.

Chloe almost let depression and anxiety take her life. From being adopted from South Korea at the age of 5 months old, she grew up in a suburban neighborhood always wondering “am I good enough?” After constantly looking outside herself to find value, she learned that the real way to cultivate self-confidence was to dive deeper into her emotions. After years of research, interviews with adoptees, and personal experience she wants to share with everyone how to have a Pineapple Mindset.

2:57 Fun rapid fire questions
5:02 Chloe shares her journey from depression to developing her own pineapple mindset
8:23 Where the name "Pineapple Mindset" came from
12:30 From building the business as a secondary income source to finding the power + purpose in her work as an adoptee coach
17:55 Chloe’s experience with meeting her birth mother
22:54 Chloe’s advice for someone who feels their adoptive parents or siblings are a missing piece of their life puzzle
25:00 The poignant truth about understanding your why
29:23 Chloe shares a powerful story of coaching a birth mom through the adoption process + bringing an adopted woman to own her cultural heritage
34:23 Some great tactics for shifting a negative mindset - stop, recognize + feel
40:30 Chloe shares her go-to tactic for anxious moments
42:05 How Chloe guides her course participants from Lost to Leader
45:31 Where to connect with Chloe
IG: @pineapplemindset
FB: @pineapplemindset
Lost to Leader Course:
46:45 The importance of slowing down to smell the… *coffee*

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