The Fit Feed by Reed

Jesus: The Ultimate Wellness Guru // Interview with Kara Stockton

March 03, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 25
The Fit Feed by Reed
Jesus: The Ultimate Wellness Guru // Interview with Kara Stockton
Show Notes

What a special episode full of deep reflection on the power of the gospel to change our lives and our health. Kara shares how God has journeyed her through challenge to realize the need for more resources that direct women toward Jesus rather than the next fad diet. And now she's doing just that - helping to change the narrative for young women who are seeking to change their bodies when their greatest need is centered in the heart <3

Kara Stockton is the founder of Bibles Bodies and Brunch, a program that focuses on both the spiritual and physical aspects of our health. With a scripture informed approach, Kara creates resources that encourage young women to target the root of the choices we make, not just what’s on the surface. Well versed in this area through her own journey with long Covid, Kara realized how damaged her view of health was. As God took her through a journey of undoing her own disordered health habits, He gave her the desire to share these revelations and help other women undo their disordered habits as well. Uplifted by the spiritual truth that God can heal, her approach helps women to find where their spiritual health is suffering in order to nurture those places with the truths of Jesus.

3:00 Fun rapid fire questions
5:33 From suffering long COVID symptoms and pivoting her career to building a ministry centered on helping high school + college women build their faith and take care of their health - Bibles Bodies Brunch was born!
17:35 A key way to shift your perspective on days when you feel dissatisfied in your appearance
28:41 How Bibles Bodies Brunch is reaching women for God’s kingdom
36:19 Kara’s advice for where to start if you are interested in learning more about Jesus
Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst
Eat With Joy by Rachel Marie Stone
48:56 Kara’s personal approach to fitness + nutrition, with God at the helm
55:50 Where to connect with Kara
Instagram: @bibles.bodies.brunch
57:30 How Kara is scheduling her workouts and building out her plate to feel her best

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