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Cultivating an Intuitive Eating Approach // Interview with Megan Becker

March 17, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 29
The Fit Feed by Reed
Cultivating an Intuitive Eating Approach // Interview with Megan Becker
Show Notes

Intuitive eating is getting a lot of attention these days and deservedly so! Join me for a convo with Megan Becker that breaks down some of the many benefits to taking an intuitive approach to your nutrition. 

Megan Becker is a registered dietitian that focuses on a grace rooted approach to health and intuitive eating. She works with clients 1:1 through Grace Rooted Nutrition, a faith-based practice, and is a coach for the Joyful Health Co 12-week course. Her goal is to empower individuals to make beneficial, lifelong behavior changes that will positively impact their overall wellbeing and foster a healthy relationship with food, body image, and most importantly their creator. Her “day job” is working at a Veteran's skilled nursing community in Michigan. She recently got married and they have a fur baby named Milo.

3:16 Fun rapid fire questions
5:36 From an accomplished resume to finding herself seeking the things of the world and then being guided back home to Jesus, Megan now combines both her extensive education + experience with her faith to guide her patients to lasting success
13:14 The power of nourishing your soul before tackling nutrition habits
19:45 What happens when we relinquish control to God
Matthew 11:28-30 (MSG)
24:24 The power of getting curious
*Megan shares a great tip for a written activity to start countering negative thoughts
28:46 Megan shares the benefits of an intuitive eating approach
Free Resource: How to Reject Diet Culture and Embrace God's Grace
33:05 If you’ve spent a lot of time making choices within specific “food rules,” start by identifying your favorite foods
37:57 Megan’s favorite intuitive eating resources
Program: Joyful Health Co.
Podcast: Joyful Health Co.
Book: Intuitive Eating for Every Day (“pocket guide” on intuitive eating)
Book: Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works
41:02 Where you can connect with Megan
Instagram: @gracerooted.rd
1-on-1 Coaching with Megan: connect with her here
43:32 How boundary setting + a daily scripture practice is really serving Megan in this season
Podcast: The Bible Recap
Blog post: When You Feel Burned Out: 6 Ways to Cultivate Rest with Jesus