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Why Running Is NOT the Silver Bullet to Losing Body Fat

March 27, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 31
The Fit Feed by Reed
Why Running Is NOT the Silver Bullet to Losing Body Fat
Show Notes

What if there's a better way to achieve fat loss with exercise than running your tush all over town. This episode breaks down why running is not the silver bullet to losing body fat and what's a better way to attain your goals. I cover four key points around this common misconception about running, including:

1. Other areas of your wellness to consider before changing your exercise routine, when working toward fat loss goals.
Podcast recommendation: Prioritizing Habit Change: Where to Begin Your Journey to Better Health
Research article referenced: Dynamic Energy Balance: An Integrated Framework for Discussing Diet and Physical Activity in Obesity Prevention—Is it More than Eating Less and Exercising More?
2. The importance of consistency over a specific modality of fitness
Podcast recommendation: 5 Ways to Keep Up an Exercise Routine When Everyone Else Is Already Falling off the Bandwagon
3. If I had to pick an exercise "silver bullet" it would be...
Podcast recommendation: Myth Bust: More Is Not Always Better When It Comes to Exercise
Article referenced: Exercise Heart Rate Zones Explained
4. If you enjoy running and are trying to lose body fat there are some additional things to consider

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