The Fit Feed by Reed

My Testimony: From Eating Disorder to Empowered Disciple

May 01, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 36
The Fit Feed by Reed
My Testimony: From Eating Disorder to Empowered Disciple
Show Notes

I am THRILLED to be kicking off a fresh series in the month of May, all about rooting your identity in Christ, rather than in your appearance. And how timely, because unfortunately this is the time of year that suddenly quick slim downs and fast fixes seem to be all the rage, in preparation for summer.

It felt right to kick off this series with my own personal testimony of how God has pulled me from rooting my identity in things of the world (my appearance, my career success, the way others view me, etc.) to rooting my identity in Him. This is the real, raw truth of the struggles I've been through and most importantly, how God has glorified Himself in my current disposition.

I mentioned a few authors on this topic that are definitely worth checking out:
Heather Creekmore
Jess Connolly
And of course the most important book you can reference... the Bible ;)

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