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God Sees You As Wonderfully Made, But Do You? // Interview with Kelli Oyewole

May 08, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 37
The Fit Feed by Reed
God Sees You As Wonderfully Made, But Do You? // Interview with Kelli Oyewole
Show Notes

Kelli brings a powerful story of her own and a deep knowledge of God's word to this conversation centered on understanding your worth in Christ, rather than your weight on the scale. A success story herself when it comes to weight loss, Kelli shares phenomenal tactics and mindset shifts to bring into your own journey, whether you are working to lose weight or grappling with body image.

Kelli Oyewole is a wife, mother of adult children, and grandmother in her mid-forties. She became a certified personal trainer after she lost fifty pounds when she quit smoking, changed her eating habits, and starting exercising. She has been a trainer for 10 years, a fitness nutrition specialist and has taught many group classes such as kickboxing and spin. Kelli has a degree in biblical studies from Moody and is currently attending Denver Seminary to become a licensed mental health therapist. 

3:10 Fun rapid fire questions
6:00 Kelli’s story: From a diet of fast food, Mountain Dew + Marlboro Ultra Lights to losing 50 lbs + now helping other women do the same.
10:10 How to keep Christ at the center of your weight loss journey, over idolization of body change. What are you focusing on and how can you keep yourself accountable?
21:00 Kelli shares her personal experience on how to feel the true love of God and know that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” without needing to constantly strive for a certain number on the scale.
Psalm 139:14 “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”
28:34 The power of community when you’re trying to make change in your life and balancing connection with quietude.
32:34 We don’t have to do anything to earn God’s love, but as we draw closer to Him, He calls us to purpose, so what does it look like to step into that purpose while still balancing time spent being vs. doing. Kelli talks about seeking to understand if something is a divine opportunity or a distraction from the devil.
40:30 How to surrender body image challenges while on a journey of making change. Kelli shares a profound point that to know how you were made and created to work, you need to go to The Creator.
46:53 Coffee time with Jesus + the giving of grace and mercy to herself is having a distinct impact on Kelli’s day-to-day right now.
48:20 Where to connect with Kelli:
Instagram: @kellioyewole
Facebook: Kelli Oyewole

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