The Fit Feed by Reed

Finding Body Neutrality in a Body Positive World

May 15, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 38
The Fit Feed by Reed
Finding Body Neutrality in a Body Positive World
Show Notes

This series on rooting your identity in Christ, rather than your appearance, continues! I pray that this month's conversations have been offering you a new perspective on how you view your physical body, along with some take-home tactics to implement in this season when fitness + diet companies are pushing hard to fix your eyes on your insecurities before the summer.

In today's episode I talk about the benefits of a body neutral approach rather than the hyped up body positive approach. We talk about the following topics:

- Some alarming facts on body image - I referenced some statistics from these two websites:
- What is body positivity
- The challenges of a body positive approach
1. It continually puts our focus on our physical being
2. Putting emphasis on our appearance fixes our eyes on ourselves, not on Jesus
3. It often feels inauthentic
- How to shift toward a body neutral approach
1. Rather than going from 0-60, go from 0-30
2. Focus on your physical capabilities rather than your physical attributes
3. Identify physical capabilities that feel authentic to you
4. Step away from the mirror
5. Focus on your Creator over everything

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