The Fit Feed by Reed

The Top 3 Elements of an Optimal Fitness Regimen

October 05, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 51
The Fit Feed by Reed
The Top 3 Elements of an Optimal Fitness Regimen
Show Notes

In the final episode of the *Fresh Start Series* I am talking all about optimizing your exercise routine! I specifically break down the reasons you should care about the following three elements of a well-balanced routine AND offer tons of ideas on how to implement these types of movement into your regimen:
1. mobility work
2. strength training
3. cardiovascular conditioning

If you're excelling in one or two of these areas, but neglecting another, this episode is just for you. You'll walk away with lots of ways to start mobilizing, strengthening, or conditioning your body so you can choose just the approach that floats your boat! 

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