The Fit Feed by Reed

I Know, Healthy At 60 Isn't As Sexy As 6 Pack Abs

November 10, 2021 Reed Dunn Episode 1
The Fit Feed by Reed
I Know, Healthy At 60 Isn't As Sexy As 6 Pack Abs
Show Notes

Thank you for tuning into the inaugural episode! I am grateful for your listening ears and supportive souls!

Working for something that is decades out isn't nearly as thrilling as chasing something for the now BUT for the sake of sustainable health this is a critical perspective shift. Today we're chatting about making lifestyle change rather than hitting another diet hard.

When Cosmo tells you that you can "melt 10 lbs in 21 days" it's hard to think about your 60 year old self. What about who you'll be in 21 days?!

Laugh over some over-the-top claims made on modern magazine covers and most importantly, learn 3 KEY WAYS TO SHIFT TO A SUSTAINABLE APPROACH FOR YOUR HEALTH!
1. Focus on your "why" // This gets deep...
2. Shift your goals // I share some fascinating research on non-weight related goal setting
3. Build your support system // Consider the values of who you surround yourself with

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