The Fit Feed by Reed

From Unfulfilled Fitness Coach to Being UpLIFTed by the Lord // Interview with Sirena Abalian

January 20, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 13
The Fit Feed by Reed
From Unfulfilled Fitness Coach to Being UpLIFTed by the Lord // Interview with Sirena Abalian
Show Notes

This was such a special and faith-filled conversation! Sirena gets beautifully vulnerable in this episode and shares her recent life journey - the good, the challenging + the God-filled moments. Join me in learning from Sirena, just the way that she guides her clients to "come back home to themselves." (her poetic words :) )

Sirena Abalian is a Jill of all trades, dipping her toes in a variety of industries and roles. She is a storyteller, a vocalist on her worship team and a mentor for women looking to find their way back home to themselves. She also hosts a podcast called Too Honest to Handle where the proof is in the title - nothing is held back while she recounts her messy and beautiful life inviting you to marvel at yours in the process.

2:33 Fun rapid fire questions
4:05 Sirena shares her journey of entrepreneurship, mental health challenges + getting to a place of peace
10:30 From a mild 2020 to a challenging 2021, Sirena shares her path to building a deeper relationship with Jesus through a cross-country move and job changes
24:55 We chat about taking care of our body for God
*Let God spot you when you lift - what a cool idea that is!
28:30 God’s preparation transitioned to activation for His kingdom in this past year of Sirena’s life
32:15 She shares the core principles that guide her coaching practice, offering great advice for those in the client seat to understand how to best show up as well
39:30 Sirena shares the pieces of advice she gives to clients most frequently - some awesome thoughts on setting boundaries and understanding your priorities
51:42 Where to connect with Sirena Abalian:
Instagram: @sirenaabalian
Tik Tok: @abaliansirena
Book Club (reading Crazy Faith): details here
Too Honest to Handle Podcast
54:20 And my signature question: What is a routine or habit that is really serving you well right now?
*Love her idea here for gamifying personal development

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