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New to Strength Training? This One’s for You (Plus, Advice for Women with ADHD) // Interview with Bree Smith

January 27, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 15
The Fit Feed by Reed
New to Strength Training? This One’s for You (Plus, Advice for Women with ADHD) // Interview with Bree Smith
Show Notes

Bree is a vibrant soul with a passion for leading other women to make change for their health. We nerded out on an array of topics regarding sustainable habit change, specifically for those newer to strength training. A must-listen whether you are a new gym goer or a seasoned exerciser looking to switch up your routine and discover tactics that stick.

Bree Smith is a personal trainer who believes that physical fitness is an opportunity to live a more vibrant life. Originally from Arkansas, she fell in love with strength training while serving as a field linguist in Nepal for four years. She became a certified personal trainer in 2020 and began coaching other women working in Asia. When she returned to the U.S. in the beginning of 2021, she launched her business Bree Smith Fit, which offers a faith-based approach to movement for women both in the U.S. and around the world who want to feel stronger, more confident, and have greater energy for all aspects of life.

2:50 Fun rapid fire questions
5:17 Bree shares her journey from elliptical-bound college student to learning to lifting heavy weights while living + working in a foreign country
8:52 As a member of the first Crossfit box in Kathmandu, Bree talks about the newly-budding fitness culture in Nepal
10:32 What it was like adjusting to the gym culture in the U.S. after returning from Nepal
13:19 Bree gives advice on how to find the right fit in a gym if you are a new gym goer
16:56 How to mentally approach a new strength training routine for long-term success
20:32 Bree’s favorite sneaky hacks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle when life gets busy
24:20 Shifting identity to align with being someone who moves
Book recommendation from Bree: Tiny Habits - BJ Fogg
28:40 Bree’s journey with a recent ADHD diagnosis and how she coaches clients that have ADHD to find success with health habits
35:15 Top tactics for consistency with health habits for those living with ADHD
38:57 Where to connect with Bree Smith:
Instagram: @breesmithfit
Facebook: Bree Smith Fit
Bree shares her reading goal for the year - a great reminder to pick up a book before bed!

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