The Fit Feed by Reed

Top Pre + Postnatal Training and Nutrition Tips Vetted by Her Decade of Coaching Experience // Interview with Alyssa Yenter

February 03, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 17
The Fit Feed by Reed
Top Pre + Postnatal Training and Nutrition Tips Vetted by Her Decade of Coaching Experience // Interview with Alyssa Yenter
Show Notes

Alyssa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the podcast, deeply informed by the last 2 years of her life as she entered into motherhood. Join us for a conversation full of advice and great resources for new moms, expecting moms, and those hoping to grow their family someday!

Alyssa Yenter is a fitness professional turned stay at home mom. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry working with a wide variety of clientele, her most challenging client has been herself. When she became pregnant she discovered a huge knowledge gap in the perinatal fitness and wellness space, and used her journey to educate herself on safe and effective training and optimal nutrition strategies. While becoming a new mom shifts priorities, she has still made her health and fitness one of them, and hopes to encourage other new moms to do the same.

2:44 Fun rapid fire questions
3:52 Finding a lack of resources to guide her through her first pregnancy (even as a vocational personal trainer), Alyssa shares how she applied her deep knowledge of the body to support her own body and that of her baby
6:45 The top tactics that Alyssa leveraged in her exercise routine while pregnant
8:33 The at-home fitness equipment that Alyssa loved most during her pregnancy
10:00 Alyssa shares one of her top resources regarding perinatal nutrition:
Book: Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols
Instagram: Lily Nichols
12:20 The biggest nutrition myths for pregnant women
14:12 Alyssa’s go-to foods through pregnancy (some great snack recommendations)
16:43 How Alyssa approached exercise + nutrition coming back after C-section and why she waited 12 weeks to starting running again after pregnancy
Another resource recommendation: Expecting and Empowered
20:39 Getting back into fitness without judging your body for what it used to be able to do
24:13 How Alyssa’s “why” has shifted since becoming a mother - it’s not worth being so sore that she can’t be the mother she wants to be
27:35 Recognizing priorities and creating time for the important things - Alyssa shares some great tips on how to juggle mom life while taking care of your health
32:03 The biggest blessings + challenges of having a baby mid-pandemic
36:23 Where to connect with Alyssa
IG: @alyssaalaine07
FB: Alyssa Yenter
37:33 Alyssa shares 3 habits that are really serving her well right now - one of them, a friendly reminder to get some hydration before the caffeination begins in the morning :)

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