The Fit Feed by Reed

5 Ways to Stick With Your New Diet

February 06, 2022 Reed Dunn Episode 18
The Fit Feed by Reed
5 Ways to Stick With Your New Diet
Show Notes

Inspired by an awesome request (side note - I love hearing from y'all) to create a "sister episode" to 5 Ways to Keep Up an Exercise Routine When Everyone Else Is Already Falling off the Bandwagon this episode covers 5 ways to stay consistent with a new nutrition plan. This is for that moment when the initial thrill of trying something new wears off and you're left wondering why you committed to this diet in the first place. Tune in to hear more about the following 5 points:

1. Remember why you started
2. Consider the "how" of eating before the "what" of eating
Check out this episode to learn more if this point really resonates with you: Forget Keto + Paleo: THIS Is the Diet Trick You Need This New Year
3. Determine if you are even doing the right diet
4. Replace rather than restrict
Here is the research I referenced in the episode: Restricting access to palatable foods affects children's behavioral response, food selection, and intake
5. Find the foods that are high on both the nutrient density scale AND the happiness scale

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